Merit - November Training Update

12/11/2007 Get A Blog! – How to set up your very own blog (full day)

This is a very hands on workshop and by the end of the day you will have your very own blog that you can further develop and extend in your own time. You will have gained an overview of the various free online blog tools and have begun to unlock the potential of Wordpress. You will now be able to start writing your blog and you should feel comfortable with the various publishing options in Wordpress. Click here for course details and booking

14/11/2007 Setting up Projects for Success Using MS Project 2003 (full day)

This hands-on course focuses on the critical planning stage of a project and how to set a project up for success. Hands-on exercises with Microsoft Word and Project will demonstrate effective and easy-to-implement techniques to better plan, schedule and allocate resources. The goal of this course is to enable project managers to increase their productivity, which means they have more time to stay on top of the critical project management tasks that increase the chances of project success. Click here for course details and booking


21/11/2007 - Creating Effective Presentations using PowerPoint 2003 (1/2 day morning or afternoon)

22/11/2007 - Time and Task Management using Outlook 2003 (1/2 day morning or afternoon)

26/11/2007 - Word 2003 - Building Better Documents in Less Time (1/2 day morning or afternoon)

27/11/2007 - Forecasting and Trend Analysis Using Excel 2003 (1/2 day morning or afternoon)

28/11/2007 - Word 2007: New Features (1/2 day morning or afternoon)

29/11/2007 - Excel 2007: New Features (1/2 day morning or afternoon)

24/01/2008 - Jan Klin’s Search Engine Optimisation (SEO) Workshop (full day)

30/11/2007 - Read my Blog! How to get people to read your blog (full day)

07/12/2007 - Socialising Online! Extend your web presence (full day)


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