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Subject: Merit Newsletter - January 2009
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Merit Newsletter - March 2008


Merit North West

Following on from the success of supporting businesses and delivering successful projects such as Harnessing Digital Technologies Project ( merit will continue in the same vein over the next twelve months by hosting a series of technology seminars and business networking events to promote best practice in the use of technology for business and provide a forum to share solutions.

The government has promised to support small business with funding adding to the existing funding opportunities available in the North West. Merit will be working with partner organisations to develop projects to bid for funds to assist business harness the available technology enabling them to become more productive and competitive.

Make sure you and your colleagues take advantage of the opportunities on offer by becoming actively involved with merit.

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Harnessing Digital Technologies
Harnessing Digital Technologies

MERIT is an information and communication technology user group. For 20 years Merit has strived to ensure that it represents the needs of IT focused businesses who seek to exploit the digital technology.

MERIT offers a unique portfolio of user-centered services that have relevance for ICT experts and novices alike. Benefits include:

The opportunity to network and do business at our FREE monthly event which focuses upon new and emerging technologies.

Access to 1000's of IT focused training courses.

Regular communication via our newsletter about the latest developments, issues and technologies in ICT.

Access to merits knowledge base, an ever expanding repository of information and advice

The opportunity to promote your company's logo and details on Merits supplier directory. The directory is viewed by over 9000 businesses across the North West every month

Engage upon Merits projects.

Access to our Tender Alert System.

Assistance with the promotion & growth of your business.

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Audio tape dictation is one of the most widely used and accepted systems of work within professional firms. But there are drawbacks to using cassette tapes. They can be lost, broken, even erased in error. Cassette tapes are also an expensive consumable so they quite often need to be filled with work before passing to a secretary. Filling the tapes makes prioritising work difficult.

However, the workplace is constantly transforming with the use of technology and businesses are increasingly making the most of new tools available. Digital dictation systems are now out-selling cassette tape recorders and transcribing machines and is considered an industry standard technology.

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Government urged to launch £1bn ICT efficiency fund

Logicalis has called on the government to establish a centrally-funded but locally delivered fund of £1bn to unlock IT savings that the services specialist argues can cover the cost of the fund in three years.

The idea comes on the back of growing expectations that a fund to support IT efficiency products will be part of the budget in April as the government continues to spend money to reactivate the economy.

“The UK government is looking to stimulate the economy in bringing forward major capital projects but has so far ignored investment in locally-driven ICT efficiency projects,” stated Tom Kelly, Managing Director of Logicalis UK.

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Merit North West
Small Business & Classroom: Review
Security priorities for 2009

With economic gloom dominating the headlines, it is tempting to rush to batten down the hatches and ride out the storm. Budgets are harder to come by and every item of expenditure needs greater justification.

It is a time of great uncertainty, but one thing that is sure is that security threats will continue to rise. Data loss remains a key concern—in 2008 more than 30 million data records were lost by the UK government alone, and each such loss could put each individual concerned in danger of having their identity stolen. Spam is becoming increasingly malicious and web sites are being attacked more and more frequently as other vectors of attack are closed through point security solutions.

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Harnessing Digital Technologies
Windows 7 made available

Windows 7 has been made available. A beta version of Windows 7 will be available for consumers to download.

Microsoft claims Windows 7 has been designed to cut through complexity and make it easier for people manage devices and access their files from multiple devices in any location. The operating system includes a new feature, called Home Group, to help consumers connect PCs together to access music, photos and more regardless of where it is stored.

The beta will feature a cleaner interface, and according to Microsoft, it will require fewer mouse clicks to access your files and applications. The OS will also boot faster, shows fewer pop-ups and helps extend battery life on notebook PCs, said Microsoft.

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